HUPO activities are supported and lead by a number of committees.  Committees are composed of HUPO members and Council members. Members with an interest in serving on a committee are invited to contact HUPO by email at office(at)

Education and Training Committee

  • Alina Astefanei, The Netherlands
  • Ruth Birner-Gruenberger, Austria
  • Garry Corthals, The Netherlands (Chair) 
  • Cathy Costello, USA
  • Michelle Hill, Australia 
  • Wouter Knol, The Netherlands
  • Gyorgy Marko-Varga, Sweden
  • Charles Pineau, France
  • Odile Burlet-Schiltz, France
  • Sanjeeva Srivastava, India

Marketing Committee

  • Beth Anderson, USA
  • Randy J Arnold, USA
  • Mark Baker, Australia
  • Christoph Borchers, Canada
  • Gary Kruppa, USA
  • Christine Miller, USA
  • Ken Miller, USA
  • Kanna Palaniappan, USA
  • Stephen Pennington, Ireland (ex-officio)
  • Charles Pineau, France (Chair)

Nominations and Elections Committee

  • Aleksandra Nita-Lazar, USA (Chair)
  • Henning Hermjakob, UK (Co-Chair)
  • Jun Qin, USA/China
  • Paola Roncada, Italy
  • Peter Hoffmann, Australia
  • Rebekah Gundry, USA

Publications Committee

  • Andrea Urbani, Italy (Chair)
  • Deborah Penque (Portugal) Co-Chair
  • Jean-Charles Sanchez, Switzerland
  • Mark Baker, Australia
  • Andrew Pitt (UK)
  • Eric Deutsch, USA
  • Yasushi Ishihama, Japan
  • Charles Pineau, France
  • Daniel Martins-de-Souza, Brazil

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