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Dear Colleague,


As a new project for the HUPO Human Proteome Project (HPP) MS Resource Pillar and specifically the CELL PREP INITIATIVE, we are requesting submission of protocols for protein isolation from full-scale samples (e.g., starting with 106 cells) to progressively lower numbers of cells, such as 100,000, 10,000 and 1,000 cells—down to the smallest number that can be reasonably handled using standard laboratory equipment.  


We require 5 minutes of your time to please email us detailed, step-by-step protocols (e.g. existing standardized operating procedures, SOP). Less extensive methods descriptions are also welcome providing that you are OK for us to request additional information in the future. 


The goal is to assemble a large-enough number of submissions with sufficient detail to permit use of computational methods to mine the protocols and analytical results to correlate use of a particular method or material with outcomes such as protein/peptide yields and enrichment or depletion of certain classes of proteins.


This is not a contest and we won’t be publishing lists of names with numbers of proteins identified. 


The findings of this project will be a valuable resource for the proteomics community for enhancement of the quality and reproducibility of proteomics analyses.


To be successful, we need your help.  


Please see the guidelines in the attached file and submit your laboratory protein preparation protocols/SOPs to:


Thanks in advance for your participation,


Sue Weintraub

Magnus Palmblad

Peter Horvatovich


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