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"The Mexican team on chromosome 19 works mainly in the cancer model trying to find the conditions of expression of MP. Furthermore, we are trying to reveal the possible biological function of five UPE1s (CCDC97, CCDC61, TEM160, LEN8, C19orf47)"



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Due to studies carried out by research groups of the Mexican chromosome 19 team, analyzing acetylation and ubiquitination stoichiometry in cancer cell lines revealed possible MPs. Currently, we are using chemical inhibition and siRNA of epigenetic enzymes such as lysine deacetylases (KDACs), DNA histones and methyltransferases in different cancer models, looking for the adequate expression conditions of MPs.  Additionally, recently we have been conducting analysis of proteins belonging to cell membranes and secretome  (exosomes), the foregoing due to being less explored study conditions, they could be an important source of evidence for the expression of MPs. The next stage will involve a large-scale proteomic analysis to identify and validate the presence of MPs using synthetic peptides. Some of these proteins will be selected to study their function in cancer cells. 

Also, we are trying also reveal the biological function of five uPE1 proteins (CCDC97, CCDC61, TEM160, LEN8, C19orf47), using models of cancer cell lines that express these proteins. We have detected expression of those five proteins in biopsies and cell lines of ovarian, lung, cervical and breast cancer, as well as, we have obtained their subcellular location. CRISPR-Cas9 was used for the elimination of individual genes in different cancer cell lines, likewise, we are conducting overexpression experiments. In addition, we carry out immunoprecipitation studies in different cancer cell lines, to identify the proteins that interact with them, which may suggest a potential function.

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