HUPO ratifies neXtProt alignment with PeptideAtlas Mass Spectrometry Metrics for Human Proteome Project

neXtProt has announced in their February 2016 release that its metrics for assigning proteins … Read More »


25th HUPO Human Brain Proteome Project Workshop

2016 JPR Special Issue | Call for Papers

The Journal is dedicating a fourth annual special issue to the Chromosome-Centric Human Proteome … Read More »


Clinical Scientist Travel Grants – call for submission

The HPP is reaching out to clinical scientists or clinicians who are using or … Read More »

Heck Lab

Proteins at work – the fascinating world of proteomics

Watch the video HERE.

This video provides a glimpse at the fascinating world of proteomics … Read More »

Elections 2016 – Call for council nominations

Dear HUPO Members,

I am seeking candidates to serve on the HUPO Council for a … Read More »

ItPA 2016 Announcement

XI National Conference of the Italian Proteomic Association 16-19/05/2016

HUPO 2016 Early Career Researcher (ECR) Manuscript Competition

The Early Career Researcher Initiative (ECR) of the Human Proteome Organization is pleased to … Read More »


14th C-HPP Workshop

BSPR logo

BSPR meeting 2016: Proteomic Approaches to Health and Disease

KHUPO 16th Annual International Proteomics Conference

41st FEBS Congress in Turkey

FEBS 2016 | The 41st FEBS Congress


16th C-HPP Workshop

HUPO2016 Taipei

HUPO 2016 Taipei

EUPA 2016

X Annual Congress of the European Proteomics Association

USHUPO logo (2)

US HUPO Annual Conference 2016


HUPO 2017 Dublin