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"Chromosome 5 team is focusing to find evidence for missing proteins, managing the C-HPP Wiki and providing proteogenomics data integration solutions to identify human protein variants. The pillars to supports these researches are proteomics method development, bioinformatics and research related to human lung COPD, melanoma, head and neck and ovarian cancer research"



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Missing proteins identification and identification of human protein variant using proteogenomics data integration are performed in human tissues such as human lung, melanoma, head and neck and ovarian cancers, different type of cell lines and public datasets. The group is also striving to develop comprehensive data pre-processing solutions to extract fragment spectra information on non-identified peptides from LC-MS/MS data obtained with data dependent and independent acquisitions to support identification of components of the dark human proteome. The group is participating in Swedish Cancer Moonshot with the laboratory of Gyorgy Marko-Varga at the University of Lund and its network amongst other Semmelweis and Szeged Universities in Hungary and Gilberto B Domont (Chromosomes 15).

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