HUPO Awards

The Human Proteome Organization presents HUPO awards annually at the World Congress. These awards recognize the outstanding efforts and achievements of individuals (or groups) in the field of proteomics. HUPO gratefully acknowledges support of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), Journal of Proteome Research (ACS Publications), and Elsevier as sponsors of three of the annual awards.

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Science and Technology Award
($3,000, Sponsored by the HUPO Industrial Advisory Board)
The Science and Technology Award recognizes an individual or team in private industry who played a key role in commercialization of a proteomics technology, product, or procedure. The emphasis for the award is on making the technology, product, or procedure widely available, which is different from the basic scientific invention.

Distinguished Achievement in Proteomic Sciences Award
($3,000, Sponsored by the Journal of Proteome Research – ACS Publications)
This award recognizes a scientist for distinguished scientific achievements in the field of proteomic science.

Translational Proteomics Award
($3,000, Sponsored by Elsevier)
The Translational Proteomics Award recognizes a scientist for distinguished scientific achievements in the field of translational proteomics science.

Discovery in Proteomic Sciences Award
The Discovery Award ($3,000) recognizes a scientist for a single discovery in the field of proteomics.

Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award ($3,000) recognizes an exemplary member of the proteomic research community whose dedicated service has made indispensable contributions to the organization and mission of HUPO. The Service Award is awarded every other year and will next be awarded in 2017.

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