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Call for HUPO Success Stories

20 Jun 2017 11:00 AM | Deleted user

Dear HUPO colleagues,

HUPO takes knowledge transfer seriously in the current increasingly competitive communication and funding circumstances. The HUPO Marketing Committee is assembling a series of exciting scientific/clinical/technological Success Stories that either proteomics and/or HUPO have delivered.

The taskforce (Mark Baker (chair), Christoph Borchers, Michelle Hill, Pierre Legrain, Charles Pineau and Lennart Martens) asks you to illustrate/describe the Success Story. In addition, the committee will seek comments about impact from eminent researchers and industry alike. These Success Stories will be assembled annually into a constantly growing portfolio, and when each story is complete it will be made available in high-quality print as pdfs, through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, on our integrated HUPO/HPP website and through our HUPO and HPP newsletters.

The committee will accept Success Story suggestions at any time, preferably through the following web-based nomination form: 


Scientists, clinicians and industry are all encouraged to submit.

Please feel free to communicate any proteomics/HUPO breakthrough Success Story.


Best always,

Mark S. Baker

Past President | Human Proteome Organization 

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