HUPO PhD Abstract Competition

Once again, HUPO is holding a PhD Abstract Competition. 8 abstracts will be selected based on excellence to have a short oral poster presentation at HUPO 2017 in Dublin. From these 8 presentations, 3 presenting authors will be awarded USD $1000. Please note, in order to be eligible supporting documentation will be required to upload e.g. student ID or letter from supervisor. The presenting first author (or co-first author) must be a PhD Student. To apply, submit an abstract via the abstract submission system and complete the details as indicated.

HUPO 2017 PhD Abstract Competition Finalists:

  • Marc Van Oostrum, Switzerland (Winner)
  • Johanna Simon, Germany (Winner)
  • Fernanda Kugeratski, Scotland (Winner)
  • Christine Yeh, USA
  • Subash Adhikari, Australia 
  • Anna Meyfour, Iran
  • Aleksandra Binek, Spain
  • Marika Mokou, Greece

Past HUPO PhD Abstract Competition Finalists:

HUPO 2016 Taipei 

  • Christopher Ashwood, Australia (Winner)
  • Margherita Dell'Aica, Germany (Winner)
  • Zhiduan Su, Australia (Winner)
  • Mattias Brofelth, Sweden
  • Yi-Ju Chen, Taiwan
  • Heeyoun Hwang, South Korea
  • Peter Kubiniok, Canada
  • George Rosenberger,Switzerland

Read the HUPO 2016 report for more information on the winners. 

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