HUPO PhD Abstract Competition

Once again, HUPO is holding a PhD Abstract Competition at HUPO 2018 in Orlando. Eight abstracts will be selected based on excellence to have a short oral poster presentation at HUPO 2018 in Orlando, Florida. From these eight presentations, three presenting authors will be awarded USD $1000. The presenting first author (or co-first author) must be a PhD Student and, in order to be eligible, supporting documentation will be required (e.g. student ID or letter from supervisor). To apply, submit an abstract via the HUPO 2018 abstract submission system and check off the box to enter the PhD Abstract Competition. 

Past HUPO PhD Abstract Competition Finalists:

HUPO 2017 Dublin, Ireland

  • Marc Van Oostrum, Switzerland (Winner)
  • Johanna Simon, Germany (Winner)
  • Fernanda Kugeratski, Scotland (Winner)
  • Christine Yeh, USA
  • Subash Adhikari, Australia 
  • Anna Meyfour, Iran
  • Aleksandra Binek, Spain
  • Marika Mokou, Greece

HUPO 2016 Taipei, Taiwan

  • Christopher Ashwood, Australia (Winner)
  • Margherita Dell'Aica, Germany (Winner)
  • Zhiduan Su, Australia (Winner)
  • Mattias Brofelth, Sweden
  • Yi-Ju Chen, Taiwan
  • Heeyoun Hwang, South Korea
  • Peter Kubiniok, Canada
  • George Rosenberger,Switzerland

Read the HUPO 2016 report for more information on the winners. 

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