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21st C-HPP symposium “Illuminating the Dark proteome” - Saint Malo, France, May 12-14, 2019

01 Feb 2019 12:23 PM | Anonymous

Péter Horvatovich, University of Groningen, Netherlands

The dark proteome is defined accordingly to C-HPP as “a colloquial term that includes missing proteins (PE2 – PE4), uncertain/dubious predicted proteins (PE5), uPE1 proteins, smORF (small proteins), and any proteins translated by long non-coding RNAs or uncharacterized transcripts including those arising from non-coding regions of DNA and/or novel alternative splicing.” The central theme of the 21st C-HPP symposium is to discuss approaches and topics on “Illuminating the Dark proteome” and will take place in May 12-14, 2019 in Saint Malo (France) at the Hotel France & Chateaubriand, which is located inside the fortified city. The program is currently under construction and will be placed online either on the home page of the event or at C-HPP Wiki soon. Registartion for the workshop can be performed online using a registration form. The organisers Charles Pineau, Chris Overall, Young-Ki Paik, Lydie Lane are looking forward to receive all C-HPP members and all interest participants. Please visit https://c-hpp.univ-rennes1.fr/ for more details.

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