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New directions for the HPP

25 Jan 2018 2:32 PM | Anonymous

Péter Horvatovich, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Proteins are biologically active biomolecules encoded by genes, which realize the key molecular events of life. The Chromosome-Centric Human Proteome Project (C-HPP), together with the proteomic scientific community, had a successful five years of research progress to identify missing proteins in the human proteome. Missing proteins are those encoded by human genes but with limited or no protein evidence (PE) of translation. The official human proteome database for HUPO is neXtProt, which has collected protein evidences on 87% of human protein coding genes.

The attention of C-HPP community is starting to pivot towards other aims, including the functional characterization of proteins that have been identified with strong evidences (PE1), but have completely unknown functions. These human protein coding genes are termed uncharacterized (u)PE1 proteins. NeXtProt contains 1200 uPE1 proteins-See complete list in neXtProt here. The C-HPP executive committee encourages C-HPP members and the proteomics community to develop functional analysis of these proteins, with the aim to complete the picture of the function of the human proteome.

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