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The Human Proteome Project (HPP) was launched in 2010 under the aegis of HUPO. The HPP was built upon a matrix structure, incorporating existing HUPO scientific initiatives (e.g., plasma, brain, liver proteome, etc.), the chromosomal-centric (started 2012 and abbreviated as C-HPP) and protein-biology-disease-centric initiatives (also started 2012 and called B/D-HPP). These are now underpinned by 4 resource pillars (affinity/antibody reagents, mass spectrometry, knowledgebase, and pathology). The vision of HUPO is that HPP activities will collectively and ultimately lead to breakthroughs enabled by proteomics, in medicine, biotechnology and the life sciences, thereby leaving a legacy of human proteome research.

The HPP continues to make progress, addressing two major challenges:

i) Cataloguing the human protein ‘parts’ list with high accuracy and
ii) understanding the complexity and function of the human proteome (including post-translational modifications, splice variants, proteoforms, small proteins/peptides, etc.). Data deposition and analysis occurs globally through portals (e.g., ProteomeXchange) and via major specific efforts (e.g., Human Protein Atlas, PeptideAtlas, neXtProt) with communal guidelines/metrics published with an annual communal reanalysis of whole human proteome’s protein existence (PE) status release through neXtProt; and making proteomics an integrated complement to genomics and other “omics” across the clinical, biomedical and life sciences research space.

In January 2019, Dr. Mark Baker succeeded Dr. Gilbert S. Omenn as the Chair of the HPP. The term of the HPP Chair is three years and so the position becomes vacant on December 31, 2021. To ensure a smooth and consistent transition, the incoming Chair will sit on the HPP EC for one year prior to their 3-year term (2021) .

HUPO is currently seeking a scientifically strong, strategic, vibrant, enthusiastic and collegial leader who would be a suitable candidate to lead, build, advance, and represent the HPP as the new Chair. HUPO is keen to ensure regional and gender equity across its management structures. This position is honorary and in line with the many organizational positions within the HUPO Executive Committee.

Responsibilities of the HPP Chair include:

  • Building a strategy with the HPP members to accelerate progress, assess the goals and performance of each component, and connect the components of the HPP;
  • Supporting all HPP initiatives (C-HPP, B/D-HPP), resource pillars (MS, antibodies, knowledgebase and pathology) and their respective teams;
  • Representing the HPP on the HUPO Executive Committee monthly calls;
  • Representing the HPP at national/international/strategic meetings;
  • Liaising with the HUPO Marketing and HUPO External Development (HEDI) Committees to support the development of strategic funded projects and other resources for the scientific community.

All candidates must be active HUPO members and scientists from the public or private sector with professional experience in the educational, research, or commercial activities related to the HPP. Applications will be first reviewed and voted on by the HPP Elections Committee, and the successful recommended candidate will be reviewed and endorsed by the HUPO Executive Committee, then ratified by HUPO Council at the October 2020 Council meeting.

Time is short. To apply, please submit your CV, a recent photo (in JPEG high-resolution format) and a one-page vision statement outlining why you are a suitable candidate for this position. Nominations are now closed, the submission deadline was September 13, 2020.

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