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2021 Diversity Candidates

Each regional (Central, Eastern, Western) organization has been asked to nominate two (2) candidates to be considered for 'diversity' positions on the HUPO Council. 'Diversity' candidates are nominated by the national/regional proteomics societies with the understanding that the selections should increase the diversity of the Council from each region (examples: less represented countries as defined by HUPO membership fees, gender balance, young scientists, agricultural and micro-organism proteomic, industry).

This year the Central region submitted one diversity candidate so their remaining four slots will be filled by the general election. The Eastern and Western regions each submitted two diversity candidates so their remaining three slots will be filled by the general election.

Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name.

Eastern Region - Diversity Candidates

Qingsong Lin

Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Singapore

I have entered the fields of proteomics and mass spectrometry for over 20 years. I have been a committee member of the Singapore Society for Mass Spectrometry (SSMS) since it was founded in 2005, and served as the President of the society since 2017. I endeavored to promote proteomics and mass spectrometry technologies through organizing conferences, seminars and workshops. I have been an organizing committee member of the Structural Biology and Functional Genomics Conference series and the 2006 AOHUPO conference. I was the co-chair of the AOMSC conference (Asia-Oceania Mass Spectrometry Conference) in 2017, and currently serves as an international committee member for AOMSC. I am also a council member of AOAPO (Asia-Oceania Agricultural Proteomics Organization), and is organizing the next AOAPO conference in Singapore. I am running a proteomics core facility (Protein and Proteomics Centre) in the National University of Singapore, and is the Lead Principal Investigator of the SingMass (Singapore’s National Laboratory for Mass Spectrometry). I have the passion to serve the proteomics community.

Shamshad Zarina

Professor Research, Liaquat National Medical College, Pakistan

I started my career as an Assistant Professor in Department of Biochemistry, University of Karachi. My field of interest has always been clinical biochemistry. For my Ph.D. project, we worked on human lens proteins and were successful in determining primary structure of gamma crystallin. During my post-doctoral studies, I went to Birkbeck College London and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medical College of Georgia, USA. I was successful in winning a grant from Government of Pakistan for establishment of National Center for Proteomics (now called Dr. Zafar H. Zaidi Center for Proteomics) at University of Karachi. I served as Founder Director, Dr. Zafar H. Zaidi Center for Proteomics, University of Karachi, till 2020. Currently I am working as a Professor Research at Liaquat Medical College. My main are of research involves around Proteomics and Bioinformatics. I have worked on various diseases such as oral cancer, HCC, thalassemia, diabetes, aging etc. Main focus of our group has been on identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in different disorders, signal transduction pathway marker studies, drug combination studies on cell lines, polymorphism and bioinformatics studies. In 2017, I had a chance to work as a council member of AOHUPO. I have attended difference conferences held under umbrella of HUPO and AOHUPO. I believe HUPO is a great platform for scientist from different regions to interact and contribute towards humanity. It has been an honor to be a part of this community. I look forward to serve in future as well.

Western Region - Diversity Candidates

Fabio Nogueira

Associate Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I head the proteomics unit jointly with Professor Gilberto Domont, and head the Laboratory of Proteomics, both from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil. I eared a BSc in Biology at the State University of Ceara, Msc in Biochemistry at Universidade Federal do Caera (2007), and PhD in Biochemistry at UFRJ and Protein Research Group, University of Southern Denmark (2012). I did post-doc work and was Visiting Researcher at the Department ofBiochmesitry, Institute of Chemistry, UFRJ. Since 2019, I'm Guest Scientist at Lund University in the Cancer Moonshot Project - Melanoma and Lung Caner - in collaboration with the European Cancer Moonshot Lund Cneter, Lund University. Currently, As Associate Professor, I lecture graduate and undergraduate disciplines at the Department of Biochemistry, UFRJ. A Founding Father of the Brazilian Proteomics Society - BrProt -, I've been its Treasurer for several terms. I coordinated the implementation of  the LC-Ms methods fr peptide and protein analyses in the Brazilian Laboratory of Doping Control, actively participating in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio2016. I am happy and excited to be part of the HUPO council as well as to help in the development of proteomics and mass spectrometry in its more ambitious project- The Human Proteome Project-, since our lab is a member of the Chromosome-Centric Human Protein Project through chromosome 15.  

Marlene Oeffinger

Associate Research Professor, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM) and Universite de Montreal, Canada

An integral part of my research has always been to push the envelope on approaches that allow us to dissect protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions regulating macromolecular machines along the gene expression pathway. In recent years, our work has brought us closer to the question of how these interactions affect human disease etiology through pathological adaptation, any potential changes in composition, modification and architecture of these machines elicited in response to stress and environmental circumstances. But as individual researchers, we can't succeed in such an enormous task alone and it is through the efforts of HUPO, bringing together scientists, that we will move towards a better understanding the human proteome, its functions, regulation and misregulation. As member of the HUPO council, I will make it make my mandate to support these efforts through outreach in and beyond the field of proteomics, fostering collaborations between researchers - fundamental, translational and clinical - to make the field of human proteomics a more diverse field, both in terms of gender and ethnic diversity as well as ideas and approaches - to move us a step closer to comprehend the human proteome.

Central Region - Diversity Candidates

Wei Wu

Assistant Professor, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

I received my PhD in cancer proteomics in Singapore in 2014, and already had an early interest in HUPO. Thanks to a Young Investigator Award and travel fellowship provided by HUPO, I was able to attend the 12th HUPO Congress in Yokohama, where I heard lectures and met the world leaders in proteomics in real life. This meeting was not only a great stimulus for my career, but also a strong impetus to establish my international network in proteomics. Since 2014, I am working in the Netherlands, and have established my own research group focusing on the proteomics discovery of therapeutically important cell-surface antigens. As HUPO created for me great opportunities early in my career, I wish to contribute in return with my passion and service. Being an Asian working in the heart of Europe, I can bridge different communities, and be a vibrant candidate on the HUPO council.

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