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2017 IAB Companies and Representatives

Agilent Technologies Inc. is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek.

Representatives: Steve Fischer, Christine Miller

Bruker provides innovative mass spectrometry systems for proteomic, academic, pharmaceutical, clinical and applied markets. Expertly supported, our system solutions and complete workflows offer integrated instrument and software tools to enhance the productivity and capabilities of any analytical operation.


Representatives: Gary Kruppa, Pierre-Olivier Schmit

Founded by research scientists, Cell Signaling Technology (CST) is focused on proteomic discovery especially in the cancer field. Our products and services support your proteomics research and because we believe you have the right to expect more reliable results, our scientists produce, validate and support all our antibodies in-house.

Representatives: Kimberly Lee, Andrew Romano

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc (CIL) is the world leader in the manufacture of stable isotope labeled compounds (13C, D, 15N, 17O, 18O) used for quantitative MS-based proteomic applications. Key innovative products include MouseExpress® Lysine 13C6 mouse feed and MouseExpress® Lysine 13C6 mouse tissue, MouseExpress® Spirulina 15N mouse feed, 99% enriched amino acids, SILAC reagents and kits, amino acids for peptide synthesis, dimethyl labeling reagents, 18O water for enzymatic labeling and intact proteins.

Representatives: Joel Louette, Andrew Percy

EVOSEP aims to improve quality of life and patient care by radically innovating protein based clinical diagnostics. Making sample preparation and separation before MS analysis 10 times faster and 100 times more robust will enable truly large cohort studies for biomarker validation and provide the foundation for precision medicine.

Representatives: Michael Andersen, Nicolai Bache

New England Peptide produces quality peptides and antibodies. Our chemists and immunological experts have years of experience.  Services and products include: custom peptides, peptide arrays, antibodies, quantitative proteomics peptides via our NEPTune™ platform, and analytical services.

Representatives: Sam Massoni, Rick Perullo

Sengenics is a functional proteomics and research and diagnostics company, with a range of proprietary and patented technologies and products. The main focus of the company is leveraging on our core patented Immunome protein array technology for discovering antibody-based therapeutics and diagnostic signatures for immune system disorders. The Immunome protein array platform was originally developed as a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, by Professor Jonathan Blackburn.


Representatives: Johan Poole-Johnson, Jonathan Blackburn

SCIEX solutions for biomarker & omics research enable scientists to push the limits in discovery proteomics, targeted peptide quantitation, lipidomics, metabolomics, protein characterization, and tissue imaging.

Representative: Mark Cafazzo

SomaLogic measure 1,310 proteins simultaneously from 65 µL of sample with high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility.  We enable biomarker discovery, better understanding of pathways, target identification, target validation and understanding of off-target effects.  We can scale our technology from a large plex (1,310 proteins), to individual analytes, and to panels.

Representatives: Evan King, Sheri Wilcox

Thermo Scientific is the leading source of innovative, comprehensive workflow solutions to address the most challenging aspects of proteomics research.

Representatives: Aran Paulus, Julian Saba

PeakInvestigator® post-MS signal-processing software differentiates peak signals from noise with statistical confidence intervals, and deconvolves overlapped peaks with 5-6x higher resolution, revealing critical hidden information. PeakInvestigator operates on raw profile MS data for all sample types, from ion trap, TOF, Orbitrap and FTICR mass analyzers. PeptideDetective® software (alpha), outperforms current market leaders in de novo peptide identifications.


Representative: Jeff Peterson, Adam Tenderholt

From biomarker discovery and translational research through to clinical diagnostic solutions, at Waters, we strive to improve human health by partnering with the biomedical community to help make breakthrough scientific discoveries and translate them into healthcare solutions.

Representatives: David Heywood, Roy Martin

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